Virginia launches test pilot to recycle unsorted household waste into plastic substitute


The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) recently announced a partnership with UBQ Materials, to convert unsorted household waste into a plastic substitute. According to Quantis, a provider of environmental impact assessments, every ton of UBQ material produced diverts up to 12 tons of CO2 equivalent, thus making it the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the planet.

As part of the pilot program, CVWMA is offering 2,000 recycling bins made with UBQ Material, a proprietary composite of unsorted organic, paper and plastic waste made up of everything from banana peels and dirty diapers to used yogurt containers and cardboard.

UBQ Materials is a Israel-based company founded by Rabbi Yehuda Pear, who also created hummus brand Sabra, and renewable energy leader Tato Bigio.


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