Update on NYCDDC First Annual REI Consulting Engineering & Construction Management Forum

REI Forum Cover

On Thursday, December 3, 2015, Gedeon GRC Consulting (Gedeon GRC), in association with Excelsior Engineering Services, PC(Excelsior), held a Resident Engineering Inspection meeting for field staff, following the NYCDDC Associate Commissioner Tom Foley’s presentation at the First Annual REI Consulting Engineering & Construction Management Forum.

The main purpose of the meeNYCDDC REI Forum 160ting, led primarily by Gedeon GRC’s President and CEO, Rudolf J. Gedeon, PE, was to relay to all field staff the NYCDDC Infrastructure Capital Construction Program goals as well as the NYCDDC’s concerns discussed during the Forum, in order for Gedeon GRC and Excelsior to provide better services to the agency.

This meeting was particularly important in assessing the status of our services to the agency as well as reaffirming the firms’ commitment to the NYCDDC.  It also focused on a variety of field-related topics such as site safety, comprehensive review of contract documents, certifications, training, report preparation, material testing, staff professionalism, professional development, as well as communication and collaboration between the NYCDDC, consultants and contractors.

The discussion also addressed technical and administrative issues observed in the field by our own Director of Construction, Joe Caldera, PE, F.ASCE;
and Projects Coordinator, Ingrid Campbell. The staff was reminded to constantly review contract documents and check item numbers; share site photos, meeting minutesNYCDDC REI Forum 168 and reports with the main office; communicate with the NYCDDC representatives; properly document expenses and PTO; and maintain equipment.

One of the objectives of this meeting was also for management to listen to the field staff’s concerns and ideas in an effort to be more responsive to issues encountered in the field, thereby improving our service delivery to the NYCDDC. Gedeon GRC & Excelsior made a commitment to the field staff, not only to follow up on the discussion, but also tohold more training sessions, opportunities for professional development and solution-oriented forums.

For more information on training, interested individuals may contact Gedeon GRC at training@gedeongrc.com.