The next generation of green residential buildings is here


Optima, an award-winning full service real estate development firm keeps improving the environmental performance of the buildings of its luxury multi-tower enclave in Scottsdale (AZ). The newest features at 7180 Optima Kierland include:

  • Next-Generation Vertical Landscape System
  • Modular Façade & Efficient Shading System: A dynamic, undulating façade with perforated panels and sun screening louvers creates shade and shadows, voids and textures, punctuated by the desert sun.
  • Technologically Advanced Building Materials: Several components are made from local and recycled materials these extend the building lifespan and ensure enduring quality.
  • Energy Efficiency & CO2 Emission Reduction: The building is energy efficient as a result of the high-performance glazing, overhangs, building configurations, plant material and exterior shading louvers and screens, which are engineered to produce a zero-energy performance index (zEPI) of 49.8.
  • Water Conservation from Plumbing Fixtures
  • Excellent indoor Environment Quality, Air Filtering and Reduced Material Emissions: The robust landscaping throughout the community, both on the ground and vertically, helps filter carbon emissions in the air. Low emitting materials are used to improve the indoor air quality.
  • Park-Like Setting:  More than 6 acres of landscaped open space on the ground level creates a park-like setting for the community and reduces ambient temperature mitigating the heat-island effect.


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