The state of sustainable steel


Steel serves as the backbone for much of today’s built environment, even as competitive materials win increased interest as products of choice when it comes to green building projects.

But for as much as materials such as wood and insulated concrete forms are positively impacting sustainable construction, steel remains a key component to providing strength and longevity to buildings and other structures worldwide.

Production practices and design strategies over the years have greatly changed the ways in which steel-based projects take shape – and made those construction efforts far more efficient.

And versatile.

These days, an old refrigerator made of steel can be refashioned into a steel beam, and a steel beam from a demolished building can see new life as part of a car door.

mark-thimonsThimons and Sebastian recently spoke with Proud Green Building about the state of sustainability within the steel industry, how environmental product declarations help developers and the future of steel. Mark Thimobrandie-sebastienns serves as vice president of sustainability for the Steel Market Development Institute, and Brandie Sebastian is manager of life cycle assessment with the Steel Recycling Institute. Both the market development and recycling institutes are business units of the American Iron and Steel Institute, which provides marketing and research for the North American steel industry.

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