New York City’s Green New Deal announced


In occasion of the celebration of Earth Day 2019, New York City’s Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, announced an ambitious plan “OneNYC 2050” to make the city ready for the changes and challenges of the 21st century. The aim of the plan is a resilient, modern and carbon-neutral city by 2050. Some of the measures announced include: a ban to all glass facades in new buildings, mandatory organics recycling and a $ 20BN resiliency plan. In the section dedicated to infrastructure, the plan promises investments in reliable physical and digital infrastructure through an improved, data-driven capital planning process. The objectives outlined for this sector include:

  • Accelerating upgrades to core infrastructure such as roads, water, sewers, parks, and libraries
  • Working toward universal broadband to close the digital divide and improve digital literacy
  • Improving the capital delivery process to deliver more projects on time and on budget
  • Building a smart infrastructure that includes high-speed broadband and is able to properly mobilize and respond to any risk, whether it be cyberattacks, financial risks, or infectious disease

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