New sustainable community development utilizes hemp and solar glass windows


A new sustainable village development by LandCorp in Knudsforth, near Perth (Australia), demonstrates the feasibility of hemp-based building panels that can be used in floors, walls, partitioning and roofing. Mirreco has developed a specialized machine for processing the hemp, which cuts down the manufacturing time for the building panels to under an hour. Another element being utilized in development is clear photovoltaic solar glass windows that use micro and nanoparticles in the lamination layer of the glass to deflect UV and infrared light to solar cells embedded in the glass’s margins. The electricity generated by the PV glass will supplement other onsite solar used to power the home while simultaneously allowing light into the building. The village will also use blockchain-enabled electricity sharing technology, a microgrid supply network for water and power and a shared on-site battery among the key sustainability features.

(Photo from Arcforms)

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