New Kendeda Building at Georgia Tech to spearhead building innovation in Southern States


Last Oct. 24th, the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design was inaugurated on the Georgia Tech Campus in Atlanta.  The building meets the standards of the Living Building Challenge which is arguably considered the world’s most rigorous green building standard. According to its supporters the building, which has been funded with a $30M grant from the Kendeda Fund, has the potential to work “as a catalyst for the transformation of building industries across the South.”

Diana Blank, founder of the Kendeda Fund, observed: “It is true that one 47,000-square-foot building won’t materially change the environmental and social impact of buildings in the Southeast or even on a single campus. But one building can serve as an impetus for new ways of approaching the world we want to live in. […] I hope the Kendeda Building will grow into a bridge between the small, direct experiences that balance humans and nature, and the huge environmental problems that many of these students may play a key role in solving. I hope that it imprints something about that balance on their souls. And I hope when they graduate and become leaders in architecture and engineering, in business and public policy, in community development and philanthropy, that they will take the lessons learned at Tech and use them to change the world.”


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