Greening up the construction industry

According to data from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the construction industry accounts for 39% of all CO2 emissions in the United States alone — more than any other sector.

Rob Fleming, co-creator and director of the Master of Science in Sustainable Design Program at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) has recently stated tha the heightened interest and investments in sustainable building are “not a trend, but an imperative.”

The construction industry is arguably undergoing crucial changes as new technologies bring new more sustainable processes, from 3D-printed houses to recyclable building materials like hempcrete.

However with the turmoil there are also big opportunities as outlined by a recent  report by BIS Research, the global market for sustainable construction materials is expected to grow by 11.6% through 2026, making it a $523.72 billion industry.


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Photo by lifeforstock