Goodyear unveils a living moss tire that cleans the air as you drive

The future of transportation is looking mighty green. Goodyear just revealed a new tire called Oxygene that integrates living moss to help improve air quality while you travel. Goodyear didn’t just stop there – Oxygene is 3D-printed out of recycled tires and includes technology to help keep pedestrians safe.

While we’re excited about any eco-friendly innovations in mobility, this tire is particularly exciting because tires are such a toxic part of the transportation system. The Oxygene tire has moss growing in the tire’s sidewall, which absorbs moisture through the tread to feed the plants inside. The moss sucks in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, and the energy generated by that photosynthesis also powers a light in the tire that alerts pedestrians whether the driver is turning, stopping, etc.

The tire is made of recycled tire powder using 3D-printing. It also has built-in connectivity that could come in handy with autonomous vehicles in the future. With over 300 million tires hitting landfills in the US every year, Goodyear’s tire is a sustainable solution to a serious problem. The tire concept was revealed at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, and while it may remain just a concept, it opens the conversation to what is possible.

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