Dubai sets baseline for sustainable concrete in construction

As part of its ongoing efforts to achieve the strategic objectives in the development of the construction sector, Dubai Municipality Buildings Department has conducted a series of environmental studies on sustainable concrete in cooperation with a number of concrete factories in the emirate.

Eng Layali Al Mulla, director of Buildings Department said that after the study the list of concrete mixtures of environment-friendly cement materials used in the industry has been updated.

“The study also resulted in the introduction of a new option, the Dubai Sustainable Concrete Baseline, which aims to open the door to innovation and creativity and increase options in the design of mixes and the use of sustainable technologies in the field of raw materials manufacturing, which contributes positively to reduce the environmental impact and reduce the overall cost in general.”

Eng Fida Al Hammadi, director of Research and Building Materials Section in the Buildings Department, said: “The new services have been provided to enable customers to evaluate their mixtures using the Dubai Sustainable Concrete Baseline and to be approved by the Municipality’s Buildings Department. These services include membership in the specialised technical data site of the Buildings Department and subscription to the smart concrete calculator as well as specialised study such as the approval of mixtures and new sustainable materials.”

The Dubai Sustainable Concrete Baseline is an alternative solution to green concrete requirements and represents the maximum allowable environmental impact of mixtures depending upon an Environmental Impact Assessment study based on the data collected from some of the concrete factories operating in the emirate.

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