Democrats’ Platform Supports Big Hike for Infrastructure Spending


Nominee Clinton has backed $275B boost over five years, including infrastructure bank

The Democratic Party has endorsed a major boost in federal infrastructure spending, including highways, transit, water, energy and communications projects. The plan also includes a national infrastructure bank and backs reviving the popular Build America Bonds program.

The party’s 2016 platform, which delegates to its convention adopted on July 25, is strong on pro-infrastructure rhetoric but skimpy on specifics.

But David Bauer, American Road & Transportation Builders Association senior vice president for government relations, points out that details of the Democrats’ infrastructure plan can be found in a proposal that their nominee—former senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—released late last year.

Clinton’s plan, unveiled on Nov. 30, proposes to lift federal infrastructure spending by $275 billion over five years. That amount includes $250 billion in direct spending and $25 billion to establish an infrastructure bank to assist transportation, energy, water and broadband projects.

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